Lecco in Spring

5 things to do at Lecco in Spring

While the meadows are filled with bright colors and the first flowers begin to appear on trees, birds chirping happily, sunlight warming the air and the blue sky above it all. Let's open the windows: spring is here! Can you feel it? 

This is the time of the year in which days get longer and invite us to stay outdoors and enjoy thousands of opportunities proposed by our land. Lecco is divided in three different areas that offer different characteristics for each landscape: from lakes and boroughs, delightful villas and bike lanes to hills and mountains with countless paths suitable to all kinds of visitors, plus museum exhibitions and cultural itineraries.

Trekking, biking trips, cultural tours and walks among the woods will transform a brief visit or a regular vacation into an exciting adventure for the whole family, full of fun and unforgettable moments. We will take you to discover a path used by ancient travelers: we will show you the backdrops of the most important novel in Italian literature, we will enthrall you with the scent of a thousand different flowers, dive into old history and pedal along a bike lane that will take you to countless unique sceneries.

Enjoy the pleaseant temperatures and Lecco's landscape. The best motto to go with a beautiful springtime day is certainly: Lake Como, a unique world within the world.

For further info visit: www.lakecomo.it

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