Remember The Floating Piers

Remember the Floating Piers

Sulzano and Montisola will wear orange once again from June 16 to July 3rd to celebrate the success of The Floating Piers. 


On June 18th, rays of light will shine upon the lake in order to recreate the path where Christo's walkway used to be. Although the lights will be visible by sunset, the celebration will start early in the afternoon thanks to numerous events that will take care in downtown Sulzano and Monte Isola.


Events will begin June 16th and they will end on July 3rd. Besides remembering the success of The Floating Piers, it's the perfect occasion to promote the wonders of this territory, including the culinary ones.


Some of the events we would like to mention are: The Floating Food, where you can enjoy various delicacies cooked by the best Italian food trucks, the "raccontanto The Floating Piers" photographic exhibition, the Sailing Race on the waters of Lake Iseo, a Romantic Evening with on a tasting session of Sparkling Wines in Monte Isola, Happy Hours, musical performances and much more.


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