Sebino Winter Championship

Sailing Regatta - Sebino Winter Championship

The 22nd edition of the Sebino Winter Championship will start on November 12th, organized by the Sarnico Sailing Circle..


The Winter Championship is traditionally one of the most popular regatta sailing races in Lake Iseo, which draws competitors from neighboring areas and Lake Garda in particular.


The Championship calendar has purposely long breaks between its event dates in order to avoid clashing with other winter demonstrations, allowing to draw in a larger number of attendees.


Sebino Winter Championship dates:

November 12th 2017

November 26th 2017

February 25th 2018

March 11th 2018


Check the official website of the Sarnico Sailing Circle for rules and registration info.

Sailing Regatta - Sebino Winter Championship Lake Iseo Sarnico Lombardia-Bergamo-Sarnico-Sport-Lakes Experience
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