Milan & Monza

The 100 most beautiful movies filmed in Lombardia

Milan, the capital of Lombardy, has made its mark on the big screen with its incredible monuments like the Duomo and Palazzo Reale.

After the Second World War, the metropolis served as the backdrop in classics of Italian cinema like Rocco and His Brothers (1961) and Miracle in Milan (1951).

The much loved Pirelli Tower was used to portray the offices in the political thriller The International (2009) featuring Clive Owen, as well as the office of Luca Miniero's character in Benvenuti al Nord (2012). Meanwhile, you can catch the stunning backdrop of Velvet Hands (1979) at the Villa Reale, or The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (1970) at the jaw-dropping Villa Litta Bolognini Modigliani in Monza.

Take a look at these films and their gorgeous sets in the region of Lombardy selected for the guide, "Lombardia Superstar. 100 films, 1 region."

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