Milan: Augmented Reality Map

Visiting Milan with the Augmented Reality Map by WELC

Visiting Milan with the Augmented Reality Map by WELC

Milan is a large city full of monuments, events and opportunities. Getting around is not always easy nor it is to choose the right place to go to.

This is true regardless if you are a tourist, a resident or if you just visit it for work reasons.

The best solution to do it is using a map, be it a physical or a digital one.

But now you can have more with the augmented reality map by WELC Map, blending the charm of a physical map with advanced smartphone functionality. 

How does WELC Map work?

  • Withdraw the map at any of the Municipality of Milan's Infopoints or at several places of tourism interest such as airports, bus and train stations, restaurants and more than 200 hotels. 
  • Download the WELC Map App into your smartphone
  • Point your device upon the most interesting sites on the map, such as museums, churches, monuments, clubs, bars, businesses and restaurants.
  • Get right away a lot of useful information and services: expository text, videos, links to available activities and the opportunity to make reservations at a restaurant, buy tickets to a performance, call a taxi cab or acquire bus and train tickets.
  • With the assistance of geolocalization, frame the surrounding environment with your smartphone's camera in order to further enhance the multimedia experience: you will acquire additional digital information on top of the real world image, along with useful orientation indications to calculate a routhe from one place to another.

milano mappa realtà aumentata

Milan through the augmented reality of WELC Map

With WELC Map, you coan follow your passions while walking through Milan, extricating in real time the city's numerous monuments and events.

This Augmented Reality project, developed by the creative agency Spam Concept is sponsored by the Lombardy Region in partnership with the Municipality of Milan.

Map distribution (there are 300 thousand available copies) and download of the application are entirely for free.

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