Cornello dei Tasso

Cornello dei Tasso

Cornello dei Tasso IAT Valle Brembana

Cornello dei Tasso, located in the town of Camerata Cornello in the province of Bergamo, is considered one of most beautiful villages in Italy for its finely preserved urban structure of an ancient Orobie Mountain village. Here, time appears to have come to a standstill, where an incredible sense of harmony filled with historic memories can be seen in every corner.

Cornello dei Tasso, which can only be accessed by foot, rises up on a rocky spur overlooking the river Brembo, along the old route of the Via Maercatorum. Its isolation has fostered the preservation of its original urban layout, making it one of the most important sites in the history and culture of Bergamo.

In the lower part of the village, a series of buildings lined up overlooking the river bear traces of the village's fortification. Further up via porticata appears, with porticoes topped by stone arches and a ceiling made with wooden beams and paved with cobblestones. This road is one of the town's most beautiful and charming sites. Shops and stables were once housed under these porticos, the commercial heart of Cornello dei Tasso. The third level of the village is occupied by dwellings, where rather simple buildings appear alongside noble buildings.

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