Gromo Flickr_Marco Pozzo

Gromo, one of the few fortified mountain villages that has remained virtually intact, is located on top of an enormous rock that dominates the valley below. The old town is full of old buildings and monuments that testify to its prestigious past, an artistic heritage that preserves examples of advanced and refined architecture, hidden in this small village.

Palazzo Milesi, dating back to 1443 and the site of the modern day Town Hall, has an elegant open gallery, and houses the town archives with a collection of precious scrolls. Be sure the visit the tiny church of San Gregorio to admire its beautiful 17th-century altarpiece. Traces of the past can be found in virtually every corner of the village: small fountains scattered about, elegant gratings on the windows of historic residences and Art Nouveau villas, all of which make Gromo a real jewel of the Bergamo mountains.

However, Gromo's main attractions are its castles. The Ginami Castle is located in the centre of the town, in the scenic piazza Dante, towering over all the other buildings. The tower of this castle built in 1246 has remained virtually intact, housing a collection of highly valuable antique objects, in a gilded coffered drawing room with a beautiful wrought iron chandelier. The second castle, much further from the town centre is known for its tower, known as the Torre Gananderio. This other castle features battlements and an inner courtyard with a portico and double lancet window. In spite of the castle's medieval appearance, it actually dates back to 1784.

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