Castles Bergamo

Castles Bergamo, discovering Lombardy

Castles Bergamo, discovering Lombardy

Castles Bergamo. Follow our advice on watching castles in Lombardy, the cities and countryside await. Get all the necessary information for experiencing cultural tourism in Bergamo to the fullest here. Our tips and hints will be specially useful if you wish to see local castles.

Lombardy is full of surprises that will make visitors happy, with numerous old military outposts and defensive structures such as the Venetian Walls. The reason for this province to have all these fortifications is due to it being a border land between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan. It is no surprise that the Visconti Family placed its manors, like the one of Pagazzano, in this territory.

Other edifications belonged to corageous leaders, amongst them Bartolomeo Colleoni, owner of the Solza and Malpaga castles, which once housed the king of Denmark. Every garrison and borough can be explored with carriage tours available for whoever comes visiting.

Castles in Bergamo are various and plenty. The fortress on the summit of Sant'Eufemia with the Bergamo Historcal Museum offers a sighting of the Alps as well.

Tourism in Bergamo will take you to the Castle of San Vigilio, it was connected with a secret passage to the Fort of S. Marco. Journey to the past by visiting castles in Bergamo.

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