Grumello Castle

Grumello Castle

Grumello Castle

The Grumello Castle towers over the borough of Grumello del Monte and its vineyards at the heart of Valcalepio, a hillside area between Bergamo and Lake Iseo.

It was proably built around the year 1000 AD as a military fortress with a watchtower due to its strategic position.

This castle served as an observatory during the entirelty of the Middle Ages, used to defend the town inhabitants, who found shelter here during battles and war times. 

The Grumello Castle was first transformed into a patrician residence by the XVIIIth century. It features a simple, stern style, with ancient battlements that became a courtyard surrounded by centureies-old horse chestnuts and a private chapel furnished with stucco decorations and stained glass.

After that, it was owned by various noble houses: the Suardo Counts, the Del Carretto Marquises and the Gonzaga Princes of Vescovado.

Ever since 1953 it became property of Milan's Reschigna Kettlitz family, who also gave new life to local winemaking tradition by producing high quality wines that can be tasted and bought by the end of its guided tours.

It makes part of the Open Castles and Villas in Lombardy Association, while its wine cellars are part of the Lombard Wine Tourism Movement.

Whoever wishes to feel like a chef for a day, the castle offers the possibility to take part of a local cooking lesson. Those who want to feel like the lord of the Castle, they can put on his robe and dive into its authentic medieval atmosphere.

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