Pagazzano Castle

Pagazzano Castle, Castles in Lombardy

Pagazzano Castle, Castles in Lombardy

The Pagazzano Castle was built in the XIVth century by the will of the Visconti Family. It is not the only one in the area, since castles were implented to defend cities during the Middle Ages. 

Our region boasts numerous traditions that will make for exciting trips for both adults and children who will be able to explore ancient fortresses surrounded by moats and drawbridges. 

The Pagazzano Castle is a popular destination for cultural and sportive tourism in Bergamo. Take the bike lane dedicated to the castles of the lower Bergamasque zone, reaching four fortifications in a range of 20 kilometers. 

Discover all the misteries that the Pagazzano Castle holds, it will be fascinating to visit it and discover these tales. 

Legend says that there was a secret underground big enough to hide a carriage in order to take the noble family to safety in case of an attack. It seems that its structure collapsed and the entrance has not been found ever since.

To add another layer of mystery to this manor, it is said that the character Innominato (the Unnamed) from Alessandro Manzoni's The Betrothed, waa none other than Francesco Bernardin, member of the family that owned this part of the land. The writer never revealed the character's name, giving this stronghold a fairy tale charm.

Tourism focused in Lombard legends may become a real adventure. Read our guide to add more stages to your itinerary.

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