Monastery of Astino

The Monastery of Astino, Churches in Bergamo

The Monastery of Astino, Churches in Bergamo @Casa Veronelli

Just twenty minutes away from Bergamo, surrounded by the Colli Bergamaschi Park rises a monastery that is worth hundreds of years of history. We are talking about the Monastery of Astino, which shines once again after centuries of decline. It is the perfect place for an outdoor trip that will take you back in time.

Founded around the XIIth Century, it was managed by monks of the Vallombrosa area for a long time, which were always respected by the people of Bergamo.

The landholdings of the Astino Valley are some of the main attractions of this structure that comprise Monastery and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. They were pivotal for the monks' survival during the plague and difficult times.

It got larger over time, getting to the point of owning 2600 acres in Lower Bergamo, Isola, Val Brembana and the Imagna Valley.

Monks not only used the land for agriculture, but also for livestock, vineyards and even copper, silver and iron ore mining.

The monastery began its decline during the XVIIth Century due to pressure exerted by the Venetian Republic, and was abandoned in 1797.

It was only two centuries later that the structure was repurposed as a mental hospital, managed by the Ospedale Maggiore.

But the Monastery of Astino was reborn just a few years ago. The MIA Foundation acquired the structure in 2007, getting it back to its former glory and opening it to the public.

Opening hours: free admission; tuesday-sunday from 10.00-24.00; closed on mondays.

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