Gardens Bergamo

Gardens Bergamo, the green side of Lombardy

Gardens Bergamo, the green side of Lombardy @chiara_merisio

Gardens Bergamo. Find out all what you need to know in order to enjoy staying in lush parks and gardens.

Lombardy is the perfect Region to plan an outdoors trip in the middle of vegetation. Tourism in Bergamo gives both locals and tourists the opportunity of visiting gardens in which it is possible to relax and even learn about plants and flowers.

Amongst the most important gardens in Bergamo, there is the Lorenzo Rota Botanical Garden inside the Venetian Walls. You can reach it walking from Scaletta del Colle Aperto, once there admire a wide range of rare native species. For instance, the Osmunda Regalis is a kind of fern that has been recently reintroduced into the Bergamasque ecosystem.

Naturalistic tourism in Bergamo will take you to the Biodiversity Valley, it makes part of the agricultural compendium of the Astino Monastery near the town center. Vegetables and botanic collections are the main attractions in this structure.

To discover gardens in Bergamo often means visiting mansions and ancient rural centers, exploring the Colli di Bergamo Park, a protected area that comprises the Upper City, its surrounding hills and several municipalities in the Province.

Admiring gardens in Lombardy is always a good idea.

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