Monuments Bergamo

Monuments Bergamo, choose what to see in Lombardy

Monuments Bergamo, choose what to see in Lombardy

Monuments Bergamo. Boasting a rich historical heritage, the Province draws great artistic value from its uniquue monuments. Lombardy counts with the largest number of UNESCO sites in the country, making it widely popular for tourism. 

Bergamo has two different sides, an ancient and a modern one. The upper medieval part of town is the ideal starting point for visiting the monuments it harbors. It is enclosed by strongholds and Venetian walls built in the XVIth century to make it impregnable. The Contarini Fountain lies at the center of the Old Square, surrounded by the Municipality, the Angelo Mai Library and the Civic Tower.

Enjoy tourism in Bergamo by admiring religious structures like the Cathedral, the Colleoni Chapel, the Batipstery and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. The Lorenzo Rota Botanical Garden is a monument upon itself, a 1700 mts2 area where exotic and indigenous plants coexist..

Try visiting some of the most interesting monuments in Lombardy at the Carrara Fine Arts Academy in lower Bergamo, designed by Simone Elia, a pupil of Leopoldo Pollack.

Seek monuments in Bergamo's neighboring towns and villages. Among them are Faunistic Park Le Cornelle, the Castle of Malpaga, the Crespi d'Adda village and the holiday home of Pope John XXIII.

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