Theaters Bergamo

Theaters Bergamo, hints on visiting

Theaters Bergamo, hints on visiting

Theaters Bergamo. Come with us, let the courtains rise upon the spectacle of outstanding theaters. Lombardy offers a wide range of options to enjoy cultural tourism and Bergamo is a prefered destination that connoiseurs should contemplate in visisting.

Theaters in Bergamo open the gates to the past of the city, since it has a long history connected to theater and great authors. Do not miss the opportunity to discover the birthplace of the play L'elisir d'amore, the Elixir of Love and the Harlequin prop mask, one of the most famous amongst those in Commedia dell'Arte. Consider visiting theaters in Bergamo in your vacation itinerary.

Start discovering this province's major structures: the Donizetti, dedicated to the notorious author, located in the Lower Bergamo and the Sociale, designed by the architect and disciple of Giuseppe Piermarini, Leopold Pollack in the Upper side. Both engage the public with inspiring opera seasons, international piano festivals, prose and dance events.

Tourism in the area will take you to explore various theaters in Lombardy. The stage of the Creberg for instance hosts musicals, cabaret shows by important comedians and concerts. The San Giorgio on the other hand is where the only theatrical company in the zone was established.  

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