Boroughs Brescia

Boroughs Brescia, the hidden side of Lombardy

Boroughs Brescia, the hidden side of Lombardy @turistattivo

Boroughs Brescia. Let us help you discover several picturesque boroughs in Lombardy. When searching for peaceful, yet interesting venues to go, the boroughs in Brescia will be peculiar destinations for cultural tourism.

Brescia provides numerous oportunities for visiting boroughs at a slow pace, enjoying good food and artisan workshops in breathtaking localities.

It will seem as if time has come to a stop, proposing authentic ambiances at places such as Tremosine, an example of the charming boroughs Lombardy offers. It was ranked as one of the most beautiful in Italy. 

Nestled in the Alto del Garda Park, it boasts 19 hamlets. Think about visiting piazza Cozzaglio with a panoramic view of Monte Baldo, the parish of Pregasio and the Archetti Building. Looking for something to eat? Here you can try a plate of black polenta tortelli with plenty of butter and grated cheese. 

Amid the boroughs in Brescia that nobody should miss there is Bienno, a popular tourism spot thanks to the Mostra Mercato: artisans display their ancient crafts, metal forgery being one of them, while artists imbue magic into the village with live performances. 

Tourism in Brescia will allow you to taste local delicacies like casoncelli or spongada, which is similar to a sweet focaccia.

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