Tremosine del Garda

Tremosine del Garda @emmebi420

Tremosine sul Garda is located in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, a natural and pristine oasis, while the imposing Mount Baldo stands on the other side of the lake.

Tremosine sul Garda consists of eighteen small hamlets. Campione, Ariàs, Bassanega, Cadignano, Castone, Mezzema, Musio, Pregasio, Priezzo, Secastello, Sermerio, Sompriezzo, Ustecchio, Vesio, Villa, Voiandes, Voltino and Pieve, the capital.

Tremosine sul Garda, with its parish church that leans on the rock overlooking Lake Garda, has been named one of the "Most beautiful villages in Italy", an honour that recognises towns for their beautiful landscapes, architectural harmony , environmental heritage, historical artistic and cultural treasures and interesting religious, folk and culinary traditions. Italy is home to numerous small, quaint and extremely beautiful villages, set in a unique natural environment with gorgeous landscapes and views. Here you will find peace and tranquillity, in touch with nature, as you enjoy outdoor sports or take a quiet stroll along a wide array of routes rich in history. This is the perfect place for discovering ancient, original and interesting traditions.

Be certain to take the road that runs along the deep gorge of the Brasa torrent, carved into the rock and hanging over the cliffs, which leads to the shores of Lake Garda and to the tranquillity of the plateau, with terraces overlooking the lake, such as the "Terrace of the chills", suspended at 350 metres above the lake, with a breathtaking view.

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