Scaliger Fortress in Sirmione

Scaliger Fortress in Sirmione

Scaliger Fortress in Sirmione

The Scaliger Fortress in Sirmione is located at the end of a long strip of land that juts out into the hinterland of Lake Garda. Here, for the length of a drawbridge, a stretch of water separates the mainland from an island defended by the Scaliger Castle.

The castle and its dock, still in perfect condition, are rare examples of a fortification used to defend a dock.

Upon entering the fortress, you will find yourself in the main rectangular courtyard, surrounded by high walls and corner towers. The watchtower stands to the left of the courtyard.

The castle reached the height of its splendour towards the end of the 14th century. Although it was an extremely important fortress, it was never used as the seat of the court. In addition to the entrance to the underground rooms, you can still see the remains of the walls of the Monastery of San Salvatore from the Lombard period .

A large arched doorway leads to a first lunette and a first drawbridge, both of which are connected by a corridor that leads to the second drawbridge. On both side of the corridor you will find the entrances of the courtyard of the dock and the second courtyard, where a staircase of 146 steps leads to a long rampart, up to a guard station.

Further ahead you will reach the inside of the Corner Tower that leads to the trenches, with characteristic Ghibelline dovetail battlements.

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