Palazzo Todeschini

Palazzo Todeschini and Porto Vecchio in Desenzano

Palazzo Todeschini and Porto Vecchio in Desenzano AssoLaTo

The marina, known as "Porto vecchio" (the Old Port), which was already mentioned in 1274, was enlarged at the time of the Venetian Republic to serve the burgeoning grain market. The arcades of Palazzo Todeschini (built in 1580 by Brescia architect Giulio Todeschini) overlook the ancient dock. This solemn building with fifteen stone arches made ofMalcesine ashlar, which served as the town hall until the 1970s, is now aprestigious conference venue. Shows and temporary exhibitions are hosted on the ground floor. The interior rooms are named after the various winds that blow onLake Garda.

Leaning on the last column of the colonnade is a stone referred to as"dei disoccupati" (of the unemployed), where municipal auctioneers once climbed up along with those convicted of bankruptcy, which is carvedwith the date 1555.

In 1806 the construction of the Nordic-style pier and lighthouse was begun, which still characterises the view of the lake, while the Venetian-style bridge dates back to the 1930s.

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