Mille Miglia Museum

Mille Miglia Museum

Mille Miglia Museum

Dedicated to the Mille Miglia, the legendary vintage automobile race, the museum was founded to trace the history of this historic event.

The museum is located in the monastic complex of Sant'Eufemia della Fonte, founded in 1008, at the gateway to Brescia.

Museum visitors will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful vintage cars that raced in the Mille Miglia from 1927 to 1957. These perfectly preserved or restored specimens still participate in the most important vintage races in the world, continuing to write the epic pages of Italy's motoring, sport and lifestyle history.

The Mille Miglia Museum is an exhibition hall that takes you through the physical and historic route of the Mille Miglia throughout Italy, passing through the regions and cities that symbolise this historic race.

The exhibition also includes audio-visual stations that allow you to relive the excitement of the race through comments from the protagonists, film footage and images from the era. An interactive cinema area allows visitors to select and enjoy any of the many films available.

Taverna Mille Miglia, the tavern where the drivers loved to gather before and after the challenge of the big race, is now the restaurant inside the museum where you can enjoy the flavours and culinary traditions of Brescia, surrounded by cars that were the protagonists of the Freccia Rossa (Red Arrow) event.

And to satisfy the visitors' appetite for theme shopping, a large shop inside the museum offers a wide range of accessories for leisure and gift items, in addition to clothing and leather goods. What's more, visitors can purchase specialised books from the section dedicated to the world of vintage cars and racing.

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