Theaters Brescia

Theaters Brescia, culture in Lombardy

Theaters Brescia, culture in Lombardy

Theaters Brescia. Get the necessary information on discovering the finest theaters in Lombardy and the available shows in the province.

Cultural tourism in Brescia will be a surprising experience due to the large number of structures where plays, concerts, operatic and ballet performances. The largest one in the city is undoubtedly the Teatro Grande, built in the XIXth century based on designs by architect Luigi Canonica.  

Its sumptuous hall and golden flooring are the backdrop for lyrical and concert seasons and the International Piano Festival, one of the most important events of this type. 

Tourism in Brescia takes you to other famous theaters in Lombardy, such as the Stabile, which hosts contemporary demonstrations and national productions, the Telaio, capable of accommodating up to a hundred visitors in the refectory of a monastery. Conventions, cabaret and prose acts by young newcomers take place here, plus encounters of the Danzarte initiative. 

Among some essential tourism stops when visiting theaters in Brescia, we find the Santa Chiara, San Carlino and the Museum of Natural History Auditorium, the latter often serves as background for movie screenings and miscellaneous initiatives. 

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