Cathedral of como

Cathedral of Como

Cathedral of Como

Construction of the Cathedral of Como began in 1396, based on a design by Lorenzo degli Spazzi. However, many artists were involved in its construction over the years, giving life to this wonderful example of Late Lombard Gothic architecture that also contains Renaissance elements.

The Como Cathedral's façade is a shining example of smooth marble and decorative elements that harmoniously fit together: narrative scenes in the lunettes of the portals dedicated to the Incarnation, the Virgin above the main door is flanked by  several saints and other holy men and women decorate the outside of the cathedral housed in cuspidate niches, under the rose window a young man who represents the Holy Spirit can be seen at the top, between heaven and earth.

One unique feature is Porta della Rana, a door depicting a frog carved on the left jamb of the door. According to popular legend, water is believed to have reached precisely this point during the flooding of the lake. The interior of the Como Cathedral is adorned with 16th-century tapestries, frescoes and paintings, works of art that confirm the church's magnificence and beauty.

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