Villa mylius vigoni

Villa Mylius Vigoni

Villa Mylius Vigoni Villa Vigoni

Villa Mylius Vigoni is located in Loveno di Menaggio. In 1983 Ignazio Vigoni donated the villa to the Federal Republic of Germany, which had been purchased in 1829 by Heinrich Mylius who was fascinated by its wonderful location and the enchanting view of Lake Como, which could be enjoyed from the spot.

The interior rooms are embellished with Grisailles decorations and adorned with furnishings, sculptures and paintings that continue to fascinate guests of the Italian-German Centre of Villa Vigoni even today.

Mylius commissioned some of the most important early 19th Century artists to create the works that decorate his home, which tell us about the iconographic programme he pursued to preserve the memory of his family.

Villa Mylius Vigoni is surrounded by a beautiful English-style park that covers an area of about 5 hectares with a slope of about 100 metres. It was designed and built between 1855 and 1865 by the architect Giuseppe Balzaretti and offers a natural and environmental setting of rare beauty: secular trees, lookout points and exotic plants create a unique atmosphere. The garden paths lead visitors to marble statues, fountains, inscriptions and small memorials .

Villa Mylius Vigoni is available for hosting conferences and outdoor events for larger audiences, such as concerts, master classes and exhibitions.

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