Volta temple

Volta Temple

Volta Temple

The Volta Temple was built to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the death of Alessandro Volta, on the shores of Lake Como. Its architectural beauty and fabulous lakeside location make this site an essential stop for those visiting Como throughout the year.

Inside the temple you will find various relics, busts and bas-reliefs of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, in addition to letters, documents, portraits, medals and scientific equipment. Arranged in chronological order, starting at the left of the entrance, follow the display of artefacts on your visit of the Volta Temple, which continues on another floor of the building.

However, the life and discoveries of Volta aren't the only reason to visit the temple: the structure's remarkable neoclassical architecture, designed by the architect Federico Frigerio, makes a clear reference to the Pantheon. While the white building starkly stands out from the backdrop of the lake, the temple's mosaic floor and precious interior decor are simply enchanting. This majestic temple is considered one of Como's most valuable treasures.

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