Comacina island antiquarium museum

Comacina Island Antiquarium Museum

Comacina Island Antiquarium Museum Deborah

Inside the ancient hospitalis de Stabio, a complex of buildings that offered shelter to pilgrims and travellers making their along the ancient Via Regina in medieval times, the first place you should visit is the Comacina Island Antiquarium.

The Antiquarium Museum, dedicated to Luigi Mario Belloni and Mariuccia Zecchinelli, houses a collection of archaeological finds and artefacts from different sites on Comacina Island and in the Ossuccio territory.

Through the exhibition of the most significant finds unearthed in archaeological excavations, such as fragments of architectural decorations from buildings no longer in existence, various inscriptions of both the Roman and early Christian period, remains of frescoes that adorned the ancient churches, and more than 200 objects of daily use (plates and ceramic vases, fragments of glass goblets, coins, work tools and ornamental objects), visitors will follow a trail of mystery and antiquity with the help of educational panels that delve into the local past, which was of crucial importance in antiquity and continues to be the subject of research.

The Antiquarium is also the starting point for visiting Comacina Island.

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