Como Silk Museum

Museums in Como, Silk Museum

Museums in Como, Silk Museum

Como has a long history of silk trading and manufacturing, so it's no surprise that the Silk Museum here makes for a unique and fascinating stop.

The Silk Museum opened in 1990, and instantly became an authentic testament to Como's silk industry, giving tribute to the local tradition and heritage.

The structure measures about 1000 square meters and proposes a suggestive exhibition itinerary that will take you along silk manufacturing steps throughout history, where every step of silk processing is demonstrated. There's even a fully-equipped chemistry laboratory with all the original instruments and furnishings. 

It is worth mentioning that it also displays several items related to silk manufacturing from the ancient Silk Road, a section dedicated to a collection of skein bands imported from Japan and China originating in the nineteen-hundreds.

Such items bring a testimony of the places where they were printed, with color animal, landscapes or people prints, an Eastern form of art that reached the shores of Lake Como.

Since the Silk Museum has a didatic approach as well, it proposes several activities for schools and families: workshops, training courses, exhibitions, seminars, themed itineraries and other events that will allow you to experience it all with an active approach.

A full immersion in the world of silk seen from every possible angle that also gives insight to far away perspectives of far away places while remaining connected to Como and the nearby territory.

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