Boroughs Cremona

Boroughs Cremona, a hidden side of Lombardy

Boroughs Cremona, a hidden side of Lombardy

Boroughs Cremona. Come with us, we will take you to some of the most characteristic boroughs in Lombardy. Seeking what to include in a travel itinerary? Browse this section to get useful suggestions for cultural tourism in Cremona.

The Region boasts numerous historic boroughs, Cremona in particular and its surroundings count with really interesting proposals for visiting.

Boroughs in Cremona like Castelponzone will astonish you with its authentic atmosphere and strong connection to tradition. Gradella, on the other hand features short, yellow painted houses, ancient courtyards and suggestive churches. It is a defensive bastion against the advance of modernity, where you can stop and discover its slower pace and the culinary delights of its restaurants: panarone cheese, salami, tortelli pasta and more.

Tourism in Cremona may be slow when rediscovering boroughs in Lombardy frozen in time such as Isola Dovarese over the Oglio river. Its stately appearance, arcaded square and alleys in which you can lose yourselves in pleasant walks make it unique. In order to get a better glance at its history, visit it during the Palio, a reenactment of its medieval past.

Visiting boroughs in Cremona lets you enjoy the charm of local traditions.

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  • Lying out just like an island on a small terracing surrounded by three shores of the Oglio river, Isola Dovarese owes its name to the Dovara Family, who made it into their stronghold in the XIVth...
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  • Castelponzone is located between Mantua, Cremona and Parma , in the midst of territories rich in history and thriving agriculture. The village's agricultural history is linked to the past and its...

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