Isola Dovarese

Isola Dovarese, boroughs Cremona

Isola Dovarese, boroughs Cremona @luigipasq83

Lying out just like an island on a small terracing surrounded by three shores of the Oglio river, Isola Dovarese owes its name to the Dovara Family, who made it into their stronghold in the XIVth century until it surrended to the Gonzagas in 1411.

This borough keeps a splendid and suggestive arcaded square built in the late XVIth century from the times of the Gonzaga dinasty, it faces Palazzo Pretorio and its ancient prisions.

By going into this town's districts and alleys you can visit the Parish of San Nicolò, guarding paintings such as Ecce Homo by Bernardino Campi and the Annunciation attributed to Altobello Melone, plus the gracious oratory of San Giuseppe, which served as a military hospital for the wounded of the Battle of Solferino during the Reunification of Italy.

Go up the Ponte Vecchio, it is possible to enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape of the Oglio Sud Park, with its lush flora and fluvial fauna that will astonish nautre lovers.

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