Village of castelponzone

Village of Castelponzone

Village of Castelponzone @annamoru

Castelponzone is located between Mantua, Cremona and Parma, in the midst of territories rich in history and thriving agriculture. The village's agricultural history is linked to the past and its faithful adherence to tradition. Once a fortified town, while nothing remains of the village's fortifications, old facades, the original cobblestone paving and small lanes known as "strettini" can still be seen today. Arcades open up along the main street, dating back to the end of the 15th century, where taverns, shops and artisans' workshops were located in the past, constituting the heart of the village.

The 18th-century parish church, dedicated to Saints Faustino and Giovita, features a depiction of Saint Lucia del Genovesino. In the ancient village, between the narrow streets and plazas, you will find rural homes, often embellished with balconies and windows decorated with flowers. Be sure to admire the beautiful doors, chimneys and mouldings of the buildings. The urban landscape is also dotted with farmhouses that are typical of this area.

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