Monuments Cremona

Monuments Cremona, visiting Lombardy

Monuments Cremona, visiting Lombardy

Monuments Cremona. This province offers numerous landmakrs that are amongst the most peculiar monuments in Lombardy and are definitely worth a visit. Pick what to see amid Reinassance churches, buildings and museums that are a relevant driving force for cultural tourism.

Cremona boasts an alluring historic center that spreads out of the square in Piazza del Comune. It is surrounded by the Municipality, the XIIIth century Loggia dei Militi and the Torrazzo

Not far from there you will stumble upon the Duomo and the Batipstery beside it. Both structures display a simple, suggestive beauty.

Monuments in Cremona are scattered al over the land. Just think of the Cittanova building, two stories high and crowned by arrow-shaped battlements. Nowadays it hosts various artistic demonstrations. 

To see other particular monuments in Lombardy, head to the countryside and admire the cathedral of Crema and the nearby Santa Maria Maggiore Sanctuary. Then there is the walled city of Pizzighettone. 

Finally, some of the finest destinations for tourism in Lombardy are the castles of Pandino and Soncino. The latter counts with the Printing Museum and the Church of the Assumption.

Tourism in Cremona will leave you pleasant memories.

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