Print Museum

Print Museum

Print Museum @paolo barichello

The house of the "Soncino" Jewish printers, located in the north-east district once inhabited by the Jewish community, is now home to the Printing Museum.

The history of printing and Jewish printers is showcased on the ground floor, with a display of antique printing equipment.

Different styles of wood and lead characters are stored in the drawers, along with letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

On the first floor you will find a display of original or reproductions of books printed by the "Soncino" and an important collection of publications produced by the famous printers .

The halls are often used as a venue for hosting high-calibre national and international graphics exhibitions.

In the small room on the second floor, you can watch an interesting film that tells the story of the "Soncino" printers in their historical context and admire the educational exhibition on the history of printing.

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