Theaters Cremona

Theaters Cremona, culture in Lombardy

Theaters Cremona, culture in Lombardy @ugly_monday

Theaters Cremona. Take front row seat at the splendid theaters Lombardy offers in this province. Tourism in Cremona is usually related to music, but you can also discover additional encounters and see what is playing at local theaters.

Lombardy is an ideal destination for cultural tourism. Cremona alone is very popular among opera and musical history enthusiasts, this is natural for a city famous for its luthier warehouses and the legendary violin-maker Stradivari.

The courtain rises upon fascinating structures such as the Ponchielli, dedicated to the notorious musician. It was designed by architect Luigi Canonica on top of the ruins of the the Teatro della Società, boasting one of the largest stages in Italy. Besides the operatic and symphonic seasons, here you can enjoy prose and performances for children, plus grand events like CremonaDanza and the Monteverdi Festival.

When visiting theaters in Cremona, head to the Filodrammatici and the one in the Giardino Arena, an outdoors amphiteater that hosts concerts, movie screenings and ballet numbers. Not many theaters in Lombardy are similar to the Fabbrica delle Arti, proposing spaces for cinema, workshops and conferences.

Visiting theaters in Cremona is a journey full of poetry and entertainment.

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