Boroughs Lecco

Boroughs Lecco, tips for visiting

Boroughs Lecco, tips for visiting

Boroughs Lecco. Find out all the necessary information about the province's peculiar boroughs. Lombardy will surprise you with plenty of distinctive localities.

Tourism in Lecco goes at a slower pace, favoring towns that provide an authentic ambiance and memorable experiences.

Consider visiting boroughs such as Varenna, it is particularly popular with couples. It is possible to walk along the lakeshore while looking at the many colors local houses are painted with. Visiting Villa Monastero, Castle Vezio's ruins and the parish of San Giorgio. The nearby hamlet of Fiumelatte takes its name from the white foam of a stream that reaches the lake.

We would also like to mention one of the boroughs in Lecco made famous by Alessandro Manzoni's novel, the Betrothed. The Fortress of Somasca towers over the borough of Vercurago. It is nowadays correlated to be the abode of the Innominato, a well known character in the Milanese author's book.

Tourism in Lecco will help you discover some of the most interesting boroughs in Lombardy. Browse the current section and pick the best options for your vacations in Lombardy. 

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