Churches Lecco

Churches Lecco, ideas for visiting

Churches Lecco, ideas for visiting Nadia

Churches Lecco. Abbeys, monasteries and shrines abound in this city and its surroundings. These unique churches are Lombardy's treasures of religious and cultural tourism.

Lecco boasts authentic masterpieces such as the San Nicolò Basilica, recognizable by its belfry, one of the tallest in Italy. Inside of it you can admire its furnishings and a XVIth century christening font. By walking among its alleys, it is possible to stumble upon the churches of Santa Marta, the one of the Saints Materno and Lucia, once part of the Capuchin Monastery of Pescarenico and quoted by Alessandro Manzoni in The Betrothed.   

Visiting churches in Lecco means making spiritual itineraries that push visitors to go into the countryside and discover some of the most suggestive churches in Lombardy. like the one of San giorgio in Varenna, with its inspiring medieval frescoes, or the one of San Pietro in Civate with a spectacular view of Lake Annone. 

Do not miss a visit to Sta Maria all'Eremo in Monte Barro and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Bosco in Imbersago, the latter was erected in a site where the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared in 1617.

Tourism in Lecco takes you to peculiar locations. The Church of Ghisallo is a cyclists temple, guarding heirlooms by champions Bartali and Coppi.

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