Church of san paolo in imbersago

Church of San Paolo in Imbersago

Church of San Paolo in Imbersago wikimedia commons

The church of San Paolo is located in the ancient village of Imbersago, perhaps dedicated to the saint by the Knights Franks who had settled in the town around 1000. Its structure is simple, with a single nave and a chancel connected to a small adjacent building on the south side of the church that serves as a sacristy. San Paolo was a noble chapel, evidenced by the fact that its altar faces east and the entrance is to the west, although it is positioned in the opposite way.

The church houses various 17th-century paintings hung on both sides of the nave, representing 9 apostles and the Adoration of the Shepherds. Be sure to note the finely crafted, wooden matroneum positioned over the entry door. The altarpiece found over the main altar represents the Majesty of the Virgin and Child with Angels and Saints, with the donor Marsilio Landriani depicted in the centre.


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