Madonna del bosco sanctuary

Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary

Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary stefania_83

The Madonna del Bosco Sanctuary is situated in a wonderful panoramic position offering unique views over the Adda river valley. If the promise of an amazing view is not enough to get you up here, this sanctuary is also a fine specimen of Lombard Baroque architecture.

Its construction is connected to a miraculous event that took place on 9 May 1617. On that day, as three young shepherds were taking their sheep to graze in the forest, the Virgin appeared to them, surrounded by a brilliant light. Since the Virgin has appeared on three large chestnut trees, one of the children picked up a ripe chestnut husk even though it was spring, and when he showed it to his peers, it was interpreted as a sign that Mary wanted to be honoured in this place. This is how the devotion to Our Lady of the Forest began, also known as the Madonna del Riccio or Our Lady of the Miracles of Imbersago. Therefore, the construction of a small chapel was begun, followed by a sanctuary, to honour additional miracles performed by the Virgin.

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