Monuments Lecco

Monuments Lecco, exploring Lombardy

Monuments Lecco, exploring Lombardy

Monuments Lecco. Discover in this city several beautiful, suggestive monuments. Lombardy counts with numerous religious and urban landmarks that draw a considerable amount of cultural tourism. 

Lecco boasts structures such as the San Nicolò Basilica, standing beside the belfry, one of the tallest in Italy, and the Medieval Tower.

Once you are in this territory, consider visiting monuments in Lecco honoring those fallen in the Great War, the monument for Mario Cermenati in Piazza del Grano, the one for Antonio Stoppani near the picturesque piers and of course the one dedicated to Alessandro Manzoni.

There are many monuments in Lombardy that honor the famous writer and his novel The Betrothed. For instance, his neoclassical style villa that nowadays hosts the Civic Museum, the tabernacle of the Bravi and the alleged house of Lucia in the district of Olate.

Let's not forget about the premises of Teatro della Società, designed by Giuseppe Bovara in the XIXth century, Palazzo delle Paure, part of the local museums network, and the Belgoioso Palace.

Enjoying tourism in Lecco means going to the countryside and visiting Imbersago and hop on a ferryboat created by Leonardo da Vinci, see the Iron Bridge of Paderno d'Adda or the Fortress of Innominato in Vercurago.  

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