Palazzo belgiojoso

Palazzo Belgiojoso

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Palazzo Belgiojoso is a beautiful, late 18th-century building commissioned by the Locatelli family that was later sold to the wife of Prince Carlo Rinaldo di Belgiojoso d'Este, from whom it takes its name. The interior of the building contains numerous 18th-century painted decorations with paintings hanging on the walls.

Today, Palazzo Belgiojoso houses a remarkable four museums: the Natural History Museum, the Archaeology Museum, the Civic Planetarium and the History Museum. This articulated museum complex allows visitors to trace various aspects of Lecco's history throughout different eras.

The Archaeology Museum

The Archaeology Museum was conceived as a local museum, involved in the research and preservation of Lecco's archaeological sites and natural environment. The materials in the collection, arranged in chronological order, all come from the local area and attest to its history, from the Palaeolithic period up to the Early Middle Ages.

Natural History Museum

This museum features information about the area's natural environments, offering visitors a glimpse of the scientific culture of the late 19th century. It houses specimens of birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects, some of these in cases dating from the early 19th century.

Civic Planetarium

An image of the sky and its movements are reproduced on the planetarium's dome (with a diameter of eight-metres), along with the constellations and their stars, the planets and their movements and all the celestial objects.

History Museum

The History Museum on the ground floor of Palazzo Belgiojoso has two rooms devoted to Fascism and the Resistance in the territory of Lecco, representing a small part of a larger museum project. Another part of the History Museum is the Virtual Room of Lecco's Industry, inaugurated in 2008 to illustrate the history of Lecco's industry in an innovative way.

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