Villa manzoni

Manzoni House

Manzoni House

In Lecco you can visit the house where Alessandro Manzoni spent his childhood, adolescence and early youth; the villa still retains its original furnishings dating back to 1818, the year in which Manzoni sold his father's house. This villa, which enjoys a magnificent view of the lake and the mountains, most certainly was the inspiration for one of the most momentous and beautiful landscape descriptions in Italian literature, which grace the pages of the great writer's most unforgettable work, The Betrothed.

Villa Manzoni is a 17th-century neoclassical building that provides the setting for the Manzoni Museum set up in the rooms of his father's home. Various rooms dedicated to Manzoni are situated on the ground floor, with a display of his relics and personal documents. The first floor, on the other hand, houses the Municipal Art Gallery featuring the works of artists who originated from the area or worked there.

In addition to the rooms of the house, visitors can also explore the wine cellars, which boast a splendid ice-house and two original 19th-century presses, and the chapel of the Assumption, in the same neo-classical style as the villa.

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