Castles Lodi

Castles Lodi, a guide to Lombardy

Castles Lodi, a guide to Lombardy

Castles Lodi. Follow our suggestions, full of useful information for visiting castles in unsuspected corners of the Lombardy Region. Fortresses, outposts and similar structures in the Province are always popular destinations for sightseeing and cultural tourism.

Lodi boasts a rich history, this city used to be surrounded by defensive walls, plus palaces and strongholds built on behalf of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. The Visconti Castle, for example takes its name from the notorious and powerful Milanese family, who added four towers and additional fortifications to it. It became a military outpost under Austrian rule.

Where else can you go to see castles in Lodi's countryside? Head to Sant'Angelo Lodigiano and admire its battlements hosting the Morando Bolognini, Bread and Agriculture museums.

Other castles in Lombardy worth visiting are those in Maleo, home of the Trecchi Palace, erected between 1532 and 1560. Then there is the one in Maccastorna, with its haunted architecture. It is said that the screams of men killed by the Lord of Cremona, Cabrino Fondulo, echo through the halls of such structure.

Tourism in Lodi will take you to discover ancient legends connected to the Castles Lombardy has across its territory. It will be an exciting experience.

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