Cerreto Abbey. A journey of self-discovery

Cerreto Abbey, Churches Lodi

Cerreto Abbey, Churches Lodi

Lots of people associate Lombardy with thriving metropolis, industrial hubs and frantic city life, but that is just a part of what it really is.

It won't take low, starting at the city center going southward towards endless meadows for growing rice and corn, small villages, medieval citadels and quiet settlements.

The Po Valley's rural soul is fertile with irrigation ditches, humid fog and vast, lonely spaces.

Exploring this boundless space will get you once again in contact with the flow of your breathing rhythm, free from worries, tuned into a different era.

One of the best places to discover this ancient, permanent aspect of the region is the Cerreto Abbey, a charming XIth Century monastery founded by Benedictine monks coming from Montecassino and later restored during the Cistercian reform.

Admire its modest brick façade, lightened by the decoration and hanging arches.

Its gentle looks will enlighten you. It will feel like touching something living and breathing, not just glass and stone.

Valuable pieces of sacred art wait you inside.

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