Vegetal Cathedral

Lodi's land art piece, the Vegetal Cathedral

Lodi's land art piece, the Vegetal Cathedral

The Vegetal Cathedral of Lodi is a fascinating artwork that stands near the shores of the Adda river. It was inaugurated on April 23rd 2017 thanks to the genius of Giuliano Mauri, local artist who passed away in 2009.

A piece of Land art comprising of 108 wooden columns that are 18 meters high. Inside each column lies an oak tree that will grow out of it in time.

It covers almost 1700 square meters of peace and quiet, as intended by the artist as a haven for contemplation in close contact with with the imposing embrace of nature. Sucha  majestic spectacle is destined to grow even more with the passage of years, treating visitors with a different experience every time they come.

The Vegetal Cathedral is only 15 minutes away from the train station, at the former Sicc. area that is located after passing the bridge over the Adda River. A work in progress that land artist Giuliano Mauri wanted to leave for his native city.

Nature will replace these man-made structures over the course of 20 years, leaving space for a new conception of the Divine.

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