Museums Lodi

Museums Lodi, exploring Lombardy

Museums Lodi, exploring Lombardy

Museums Lodi. This is the perfect destination for art lovers with its numerous museums. Lombardy offers countless of opportunities for getting to know its territories and enjoying cultural tourism. 

In Lodi it is possible to find a high concentration of important exhibition spaces that cover various interests and subjects. Amid the available artistic and archaeological structures in the city, see rare liturgical items at the Temple of the Beata Vergine Incoronata, the Diocesan gallery showcasing sacral pieces from the Cathedral and its surroundings. Then there are the Folligeniali and the Ettore Archinti museums, dedicated to XXth century painting and the aformentioned local artist respectively.

Consider visiting museums in Lodi that can be considered monothematic, such as the one that narrates the evolution of printing and another one picturing the history of music. Science enthusiasts will discover at the San Francesco Boarding School and the Paolo Gorini Anatomical Collection interesting localities for educational and introspection purposes.

Enjoy tourism in Lodi by heading to the countryside and visiting the Bolognini Castle in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, hosting the bread, agriculture museums and the Armory. These museums in Lombardy will certainly astonish you.

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