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Theaters Lodi, culture trips in Lombardy

Theaters Lodi, culture trips in Lombardy @Pasqualino Borella

Theaters Lodi. Useful hints and tips for visitng theaters in Lodi. Come with us and discover the unique theaters Lombardy offers for its residents and visitors.

Cultural tourism in Lodi takes prose and live music enthusiasts to curious stages and buildings. For instance, did you know that the Teatro alle Vigne lies inside a XVIIth century church, later deconsecrated by Napoleon Bonaparte? The necessary props to put up a show are still used behind the courtains. It showcases musicals and ballet shows, plus a notorious program dedicated to families and children.

But there is more to expect from theaters in Lombardy. One in particular even bears the signature of a renowned architect not only in Italy but all over the world. We are talking about the Auditorium BPL, designed by Renzo Piano. It features a gean wooden flooring, a glass and steel facade and can host up to eight hundred people.

Visiting theaters in Lodi will enliven your evenings while visiting the Region. Tourism in Lodi guarantees various kinds of artistic entertainment.

Do not hesitate in booking tickets and enjoy the available plays Lombardy provides year-round. 

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