Teatro alle vigne in lodi

Teatro alle Vigne in Lodi

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Teatro alla Vigne is the most important theatre in the city of Lodi. The building began as a church, dedicated to St. John, or to Ognissanti alle Vigne, and belonged to the order of the Humiliated. In 1570 it passed into the hands of the Barnabites, who made it a Higher Institute of Moral Theology and Philosophy.

While the floor and the vestry were renovated during Austrian rule, in the Napoleonic era, the building was stripped of all furnishings, including the upholstery ordered by the Austrian government, so it could be used as a barn.

Even today, behind the curtains, you can still see the pieces used to celebrate religious rites. At one point the building was even housed a gym. In 1985, after being used for several different purposes, it became the home of the Vigne Theatre.

The theatre's events range from theatrical and musical shows to dance performances and concerts. The theatre program also offers events for children and families.

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