Boroughs Mantua

Boroughs Mantua, traveling through Lombardy

Boroughs Mantua, traveling through Lombardy

Boroughs Mantua. Discover the most inspiring boroughs in Lombardy with our useful suggestions for diving into local traditions of the Itallian Cultural Capital for 2016 and its surroundings.

Tourism in Mantua will certainly please gourmands, history and legend enthusiasts alike. For instance: did you know that Curtatone's Santa Maria delle Grazie church features a dangling, stuffed crocrodile? Find out why it is there by visiting it during the Summer festival dedicated to Madonnari street artists.

Consider visiting boroughs such as San Benedetto Po, an exemplary beauty among boroughs in Lombardy and the Mantuan Oltrepò in particular. It charms visitors with its Benedictine monastery builit in the early XIth century. We would like to mention other boroughs in Mantua that are definitely worth visiting: Goito and Castellaro Lagusello. The former is the ideal starting point for walking in the tourism attraction of the Mincio Park. The latter is part of a Natural Reserve that comprises the Fondo Tacoli stilted settlement site, considered to be World Heritage by Unesco.

Tourism in Mantua is also an opportunity to try its culinary specialties.

Let yourselves be enthralled by the charm of Mantua and the towns that surround it.

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  • The Village of Grazie in Curtatone is named after the place of worship referred to as Santa Maria delle Grazie in 1362 and documented since 1037. Today's sanctuary is located in the spot where the...
  • Goito was an important crossroads on the banks of the Mincio . Since it is located midway between Mantua, Brescia and Lake Garda it served as the northern confine of the county of Mantua, which was...
  • The village of Castellaro Lagusello stands on a hill, overlooking a small lake in the shape of heart , surrounded by the hills of the moraine amphitheatre of Lake Garda . In the village you will...

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