Village of Goito

Village of Goito Provincia di Mantova

Goito was an important crossroads on the banks of the Mincio. Since it is located midway between Mantua, Brescia and Lake Garda it served as the northern confine of the county of Mantua, which was also subject to Gonzaga's rule. Today, the only evidence that attests to the town's past vocation is the tower. The main monument of the village of Goito is the Basilica della Madonna della Salute, a solemn church with important Baroque-style furnishings, sculptures and paintings. The church, which welcomes visitors with its elegant façade, has two niches containing statues of Saints Peter and Paul, while the main door is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, represented in a mosaic as the Madonna della Salute. The basilica has a single nave and four chapels containing precious and extremely beautiful furnishings. Two magnificent villas are also found in Goito: Villa d'Arco, dating back to the 18th century, and Villa della Giraffa, which was converted from an old convent.


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