Village of castellaro lagusello

Village of Castellaro Lagusello

Village of Castellaro Lagusello

The village of Castellaro Lagusello stands on a hill, overlooking a small lake in the shape of heart, surrounded by the hills of the moraine amphitheatre of Lake Garda.

In the village you will find the Castellaro Castle, dating back to the 12th- 13th century. Originally commissioned by the  Scaligeri family, it was later passed on to the Visconti and Gonzaga families and finally to the Republic of Venice, after disputes between Verona and Mantua due to its particular strategic position. The castle is positioned on a natural rise, defended by imposing crenelated walls and ten towers. The Castellaro Castle was divided into two areas: one facing the lake entrusted to the lord of the castle and the northern area entrusted to a captain responsible for defending the drawbridge entrance to the fortified village.

Another ancient site of Castellaro Lagusello is the parish church, documented evidence of which dates back to 1145. The church that stands there today, rebuilt in the 18th century most likely on top of the structure of the first ancient church, houses a valuable 15th century wooden Madonna, a Via Crucis with the series of the Misteri del Rosario and several paintings from the 1600s and 1700s. 

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