Castles Mantua

Castles Mantua, discovering Lombardy

Castles Mantua, discovering Lombardy

Castles Mantua. Let us help you give you the best hints for finding curious castles in Lombardy. Do not miss these relevant attractions for local tourism.

Mantua was originally considered a strategic stronghold alnong its rich history. By visiting the castles that surround it you can see why this is the case. Naturally, the most important one in the province is the Castle of San Giorgio, it was the abode of Isabella d'Este and hosted artists such as Andrea Mantegna, Leonardo da Vinci and Federico Ariosto.

Tourism in Mantua will take you to admire more castles in Mantua and the city outskirts. Start with the Fortress of Solferino, where you can go up its stares and reach the panoramic terrace in order to see Lake Garda and the Tower of San Martino, erected in honor of Vittorio Emanuele II and those who fell during the Unification.

Consider visiting the castles in the neighboring towns of Castiglione Mantovano, Villimpenta, Mozambano and Cavriana, from which only the walls and a belfry remain. Find out what stories these structures and other castles in Lombardy hold. It will be like travelling into the past.

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  • The Fortress of Solferino is located on the peak the of Solferino's highest hill, in the province of Mantua . It is a majestic 23-metre high building that dates back to 1022. Referred to as "The...

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