Fortress of solferino

Fortress of Solferino

Fortress of Solferino Società Solferino e San Martino

The Fortress of Solferino is located on the peak the of Solferino's highest hill, in the province of Mantua. It is a majestic 23-metre high building that dates back to 1022. Referred to as "The Spy of Italy" for its strategic location, it is surrounded by a large park. The fortress houses a collection of relics discovered on the battlefield.

Inside and along the wooden ramp leading to the rooftop terrace is a display of documents related to the history of the Fortress and the mint of Solferino.

Before you reach the terrace, you will find a large room where a number of portraits depicting Victor Emanuel II and Victor Emmanuel III are hung. For this reason it is called the " Hall of Sovereigns".

From the terrace of the Fortress you can enjoy the beautiful views of the lush countryside below and see in the distance, towards the north, the Tower of San Martino, about 10km away, and Lake Garda. Look to the south to catch a glimpse of the foothills of the Apennines, Castiglione delle Stiviere and the vast Pianura Padana (Po Valley).


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