Churches Mantua

Churches Mantua, spiritual journeys in Lombardy

Churches Mantua, spiritual journeys in Lombardy

Churches Mantua. A journey through this province will lead you to some of the most interesting churches in Lombardy. Places of worship are often very popular landmarks for any itinerary involving tourism.

Mantua was founded by the Gonzaga family and has been awarded the title of Italian Culture Capital for 2016. It boasts several religious structures such as temples, sanctuaries and Renaissance buildings you should not miss. Start with the Cathedral, built in the XVth century and restored by Giulio Romano, it guards paintings by Veronese and Campi, plus the remains of Saint Anselm. It stands in the square of Sordello which hosts the Literature Festival every year.

While visiting churches in Mantua, it is possible to stumble upon the Rotonda di San Lorenzo, an ancient example of Romanic architecture commissioned by Matilda of Tuscany. 

Leon Battista Alberti designed various churches in Lombardy and the rest of the country. Here you can find his creations, the church of San Sebastiano and Basilica of St. Andrew, guarding the tomb of Andrea Mantegna and important relics.

Tourism in Mantua's countryside gives you the chance of visiting the Abbey of San Benedetto in Polirone, the churches of Incoronata in Sabbioneta and Beata Vergine in Curtatone. 

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